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Управление реальностью в бизнесе. Магия без мистики

Management of business reality. Magic without mysticism

I was born and studied in the USSR, then worked on the board of directors of a large Russian company, taught an MBA course at the Open University of Great Britain and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Once, I realised that the bright methods used in management can with equal probability both help the organisation and kill it. And then I began to study organisational psychology and, in the end, I understood how organisations really live and wrote several books about organisation life.

This book is intended for business people who want to solve their problems without consultants and coaches. There is not one ready-made recipe in it, because we will create them together. In a sense, you will complete an MBA and organisational psychology course in miniature, written by a tutor at the Open University of Great Britain, a certified coach and a specialist in systemic work with organisations who have worked for 15 years on the board of directors of a large company.

Коучинг организаций. Организация под микроскопом, вид изнутри

Business coaching. Organisation under the microscope

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