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How far is coaching from psychotherapy?

With therapy, there is a therapist (and he’s standing higher; he’s more like a mom or dad), and there’s a patient (and he or she is lower, a kid). The therapist can explain to the patient what he should do and what should not be done. The position is: the therapist is OK, the world is OK, but the patient is not OK.

In coaching, the client and coach are on the same level, both adults. With the client, everything is all right, the world is all right, and with the coach, everything is all right. There is a task, and the coach helps to solve it. The coach cannot explain what is right because what is suitable for the coach with his background can be utterly unacceptable to the client. Together with the client, the coach can clarify the situation until the client becomes aware of what is happening and what to do about it, and both will not be convinced that the best solution is found.

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