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Saint Petersburg. Hero's journey up the career ladder. Through the glass ceiling

Among my clients, I work within individual coaching sessions, CIOs are about thirty per cent. If you add CFOs and HRs, altogether there will be 50 per cent. And they all make up three broad groups.

The first one – “everything is fine, the place was built, the money was enough for an apartment, a house out of town”, sometimes even for a “dacha” somewhere in Spain. But going to work, seeing the rest of the board of directors, playing behind-the-scenes struggle games is just exhaust me. I’m nauseous. There are “first-class tops”, and there are “second class tops” and I want to be in the first, not the second. And somewhere inside is the idea that if someone else is found in my place. And in general, it’s not clear where I am in all this and why I need it. I know why it’s necessary for the boss, wife, children. I see. But where am I in all this?!

The second – “everything seems to be not so bad, but they pay badly, and the situation is not stable and at work, day and night and everyone try to blame everything on you at meetings, and these rat races got out. It’s clear that I have to support my family, wife, children, I have to build a house or buy an apartment, I have to. But where am I in all this?! And will I find another job if this one “ends”?

And the third – ” everything is bad, after 45 work I can not find, I send out a resume, but they do not even answer, they just have a filter by age”. I just stuck to some wall, and I just don’t understand where I am in all this?!

You climb up the career ladder, and suddenly you realize you’re on a big, big stairwell, looking like a smoking space—a place where there’s a lot of people like you and where nothing ever happens. At least nothing good happens. And there’s no way further. That’s what sometimes happens in shopping malls with lots of stairs. You know there are floors above, people walk around laughing, but there’s no further way out of the stairwell you’re standing on. You have to look for another one.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do at our “Hero’s Journey Up the Career Stairs” training. In two days, you will realize what brings you to this place and what keeps you there. And you will develop your successful strategies for the next step.

I invite you to the Hero’s Journey. On a journey where you will explore your own beliefs with the most respect and care. To consider which ones are useful for you, and which were useful before, but now require expansion, because the world around you has changed. And maybe what useful beliefs you are lacking. After all, our world is a reflection of them.

This transformation training is built as known to everyone from the adventure books The Hero’s Journey.
It begins with preparation: Focus, centrality, some useful skills. In short, you’re going to put together a travel bag.
And you’ll find yourself on the doorstep. Face to face with your own Threshold Guard, who has kept you from this path for years. It’s time to look him in his face and making him your ally.
And you will move forward by exploring your own beliefs, complementing and expanding them, making them a powerful weapon.
Through this journey, you will transform yourself into real Heroes, capable in the real world of moving towards your goal. In the life of a Hero, who went for a walk in a magical world, there is no fuss and feverish plans. He lives in the real minute and is in full harmony with himself.
The duration of the training is for two days.

Oleg Vaynberg

Oleg Vaynberg

Oleg Vaynberg, Brisbane, Australia. A coach and trainer in systemic constellations of the Bert Hellinger Institute (Netherlands), MBA. Author of the program “System solutions in business” and co-author of the famous training ” Hero’s Journey for the Golden Fleece”

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