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Strategy roadmap

A road map is a tool for owners of small companies. These companies need a tool to coordinate their actions, but a robust strategy hurts rather than helps them. It makes them more limited and prevents them from taking advantage of the windows of opportunity that open. It prevents them from even seeing them. Dynamic companies need some kind of simple and reliable synchronisation tool that can be used as needed.
A good result cannot be done in a couple of days of a “strategic session”. Often after an hour or two questions arise that need to be worked through and answered in a reasonably reliable manner.
I looked at all my experience of working with business, holding strategic sessions and training top managers and made a “road map” – a simple product for small companies. These are four two-hour online sessions, once a week, before which managers receive a small block of theory and templates to gather the necessary information. In this way, each session is as prepared as possible.

  • After the first session, there is an agreed statement of the current situation, a good definition of the problem and ideas to solve it.
  • After the second session, a precise, reliable and detailed description of what results are to be achieved is provided.
  • After the third session, a description of the change designed to take into account the interests of all stakeholders will appear.
  • And at the end, after the fourth session, the organisation has a well-detailed plan for change, with dates, milestones and steps.

Thanks to online technology, this is now available to any company—the cost of one session – $400.

Oleg M. Vaynberg, Brisbane, Queensland.

NLP-master, professional business coach, MBA and tutor MBA program OBS OU. For many years, I worked on the board of directors of a federal company and taught an MBA course at OBS OU. The author of three books and dozens of articles on organizational psychology.

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4 sessions, $400 each
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