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On-Line program «Business analyses with organisation constellations». Business through a microscope - look inside.

More than 20 years I’ve been running people. I guess I did it well, because there are still legends about my team, many years later. It was beneficial to study at the Open University and the German Academy of Project Management. It was also helped by the long 15 years of teaching management at OBS OU, which I combined with my work in the board of a large Russian federal company.

I looked at the companies of my students who were top managers and business owners, described in their essays and diplomas the problems of their organisations and the results of the changes they made. Sometimes the changes helped. Sometimes it didn’t help. Many years later, the understanding of the simple thing has come. Everything that MBA textbooks teach works fine if a business is just business. The clients are only clients. Employees are the only employees. And it doesn’t work at all if a company is an attempt to prove to your father, who died long ago, that you are more robust and smarter. Or to your mother, that you’re a good son. An MBA course completely stops working if the employees are children, and the boss is a big daddy or a strict mom.

When I realised that, I started studying organisational psychology, coaching, NLP, constellations. I developed my approaches. I became a certified coach and constellation trainer. I’ve written three books and countless articles about it. I have created my training programs, and for many years I have been leading them.

This course is the latest version of what I know and can teach. These ten workshops – describe the inner problems of an organisation.

What you get as a result of the training:

If you are a manager or business owner, you will get a new perspective on how the organisation lives and will gain practical management tools. And you will learn a different approach to managing your employees.

If you are an organisational consultant, but you are not yet familiar with this approach, then you will get practical tools to quickly diagnose and work with problem situations in the organisations that you advise. And learn how to be in a coach position that allows you to express your opinion without causing customer resistance.

If you are already working with the system-phenomenological approach in other contexts, you will get the opportunity to learn how to conduct organisational constellations and familiarise themselves with the classic management models.

The program

  1. An organisation as a social system
    • Why do we come to the organisation, the basic dynamics people show in the organisation.
    • How an organisation chooses people and basic organisational dynamics.
  2. Problems related to the search for personnel
  3. Management contour problems
    • Challenges related to goal setting
    • Planning issues
    • Finding solutions in a critical situation
  4. Problems embedded in the structure and culture of the organisation
  5. Conflicts in the organisation
    • Conflicts related to objectives
    • Conflicts related to the speakers
    • Conflicts of places in the organisation
    • Conflicts related to excepted
      • Customers
      • Subdivisions
      • Staff.
  6. Problems related to motivation
    • Career Drivers
    • Glass ceiling
    • Classic point of view of motivation
    • Motivating patterns
  7. Organisational trauma
  8. Leaving the organisation
  9. Organisational changes
    • Goals of the organisation and aims of change
    • Field of strength
    • Complex changes
    • Three- and six-step model of change
    • Evolutionary and revolutionary changes
    • Handling anxiety
  10. Completion and integration

The content of the webinars:

Webinar 1. How can help the constellation with organisations? Basic principles. Conscience as social glue. Positive intention and system. Systemic position.
Webinar 2. The boundary of the system. What’s in the organisational system. Position of the consultant with the system. Stages of systemic work. Positive conflict intention. Position of the employee in the organisation. The basic dynamics affecting the employee’s place.
Webinar 3. Organisational “holes” that the organisation closes with employees. Employees who seek to “plug the hole”.
Webinar 4. Employee’s life cycle. Selection and recruitment. Firing an employee.
Webinar 5. Working with inner requests. Separation of contexts. Decision making. Working with the “sandbox”.
Webinar 6. Organisational conflicts.
Webinar 7. Systemic view on motivation. The main task of life. Organisational trauma.
Webinar 8. Types of management in organisations. Staging “investigations”. Examples.
Webinar 9. Working with the leading principle of the organisation.
Webinar 10. Making diferences.

Oleg M. Vaynberg. Brisbane, Australia.

Certified trainer of the Hellinger constellations, certified coach, MBA, tutor of OBS OU and RANEPA, author of three books about organisation constellations. Author of the program “System solutions in business”

This program is conducting in Russian

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