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Online program "NLP - the Art of Managing People".

This course would be for you if:

  • Your job is to manage people, and you are a leader at any level, from team manager to CEO.
  • You need to create and motivate teams.
  • You “sell” your ideas and solutions.
  • Your job is to engage consumers or partners.
  • You work for yourself, looking for consumers and conducting negotiations.

“We can’t even fall freely because we don’t fall in the emptiness.” V. Vysotsky, a Russian singer.

We control the behaviour of people around us from the first second of our birth. Even earlier, but from the first second – for sure. The baby screamed after birth, and everyone exhaled. And we’ve been ruled from birth, too. We’re connected to the people around us by thousands of threads, and we’re ruled continuously by each other, often without realizing it. Sometimes we are successful and happy. Sometimes we’re not successful, and we get frustrated. More often than not, we are not even aware of our attempts, and then we wonder where the trouble comes from. But we still do it every second.

I’ve always been sure that if you’re doing something, it’s better to do it consciously. Or, again, not doing it deliberately. As well as responding to trying to control you, it’s better to do it consciously. And either agree or disagree, in a way that doesn’t make enemies. Well, “aerobatics” is what Mandelstam wrote about sailing. “Walk against the wind, walk in it.”

I’ve developed this art by practising Aikido, and I’ve developed this art by practising NLP. They look alike. And finally, I created a course on “NLP – Managing People”. It is based on four basic principles of Aikido, which remarkably resonate with the basic ideas of NLP.

You will learn how to manage people ecologically and achieve your goals in a way that helps others to achieve their goals, receiving support and help from them.

This course is based on Aikido’s high principles.
In the program.

  • You will learn how to create Aiki (合気) – “harmony, the spirit of unity”, and do it independently, without waiting for others. You will learn to ask the right questions, create connections, lead and motivate others, create and maintain an atmosphere of trust.
  • You will learn to keep Ma-ai (間合い ) – “a harmonious distance, a safe place in space”. You will become aware of your triggers, and learn how to manage them, define your goals and begin to understand the goals of others. You will learn to read non-verbal messages from others and manage your non-verbal signals.
  • For you, it will be natural Tai Sabaki (体捌き) to “move”, that is, leaving the line of attack, instead of moving against the edge of attack. You will be able to say “no” without causing aggression, learn to expand your own and others’ beliefs, deal with manipulations and counter-manipulations.
  • You will learn Chuxing Ryoku (中心力) – “the strength of the centre”.You will understand how to manage conflicts based on the fact that everyone has their own individual goals and can find common goals. You will learn motivation and self-motivation techniques and how to use them in an eco-friendly way.

All this will take eight workshops ( about one hour and a half) and a lot of exercises in a virtual group of like-minded people. Welcome.

Workshops are held once a week, at noon Moscow time. All workshops start at noon Moscow time and last approximately 1.5 hours.

Oleg M. Vaynberg, Australia, Brisbane.
Business coach. NLP Master, tutor of the Faculty of Management at the Open University in the UK and lecturer at the RANEPA.
Formerly a board member of a big Rusian company and a member of the board of directors of the CIO club and the expert council of IT Manager magazine.
Author of three books and many articles on organizational psychology.

All webinars are in Russian.


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