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Workshop "My private practice"

This workshop is for those who have an idea to start working for themselves for a long time, but the project goes no further than an idea. And also for those who became quite unbearable to work for someone and it is not clear what to do next. It will suit those who have been working for themselves for a long time, but so far it is more like a candle, which is barely warmer than a good fireplace. This workshop applies to any practice, be it photography, design, helping practices or hairdressing. This workshop is not a training course, and it’s not about knowledge. It’s about reliability, confidence, thoroughness and calmness. And it’s about trust, above all trust in yourself.

For eight two or three hour workshops (plus one free), you will create your private practice, from the idea to the official (if you want) business and earn your first money. Or improve an existing one and make extra money over and above what usually comes.

How this will happen.

Once every two weeks, we will gather at Zoom, discuss what has already been done, what has turned out, what has not happened. Then we will take another step together, and you will get your homework and work on your private practice in a group of like-minded people. It is essential, working in a group. It is vital not only because this is how new ideas come in, but also because it increases your visibility. You get used to being visible, and your unconscious starts to understand that it is safe and your clients begin to see you well too. For this kind of work, you will have a completely closed group at FB, where there is no one else but the workshop participants.

Oleg M. Vaynberg.

Master of NLP, MBA, tutor of OBS OU and RANEPA, author of three books about organisation psychology. Author of the program “System solutions in business”, сo-author of the famous training “Hero’s Journey Beyond the Golden Fleece” and author of the cycle of transformation workshops “My Money”.

It’s in Russian

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