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My money. Online workshop "How can I wish?"

How can I wish?

In this online workshop, in an hour, you’ll work through some personal barriers to your money.

What other than devaluation can block the movement towards money? It’s challenging for us to want sincerely, and especially want money or what we can buy for it. Why? Because!

What is a “good child”? It’s a child that doesn’t cause trouble. From birth, we are trained to meet the needs of others. Do not make noise, do not throw toys, eat porridge. So we have to want something right. As a result, it’s better not to have any wishes at all.
What’s a “good kid” and, for that matter, “good adult”? One who’s not selfish, not greedy, thinking about people around him. If I get something, I’m going to get it instead of my mom, dad, sisters, brothers, friends, the whole world. And no one will love me.

  • What is “good child”? It’s the one who does the right thing. He’s a good student; he helps Mom etc. So a bike will only come if there aren’t any bad marks in a term. It’s like in a fairy tale about Cinderella. A lot of impossible tasks… and seven pink bushes besides.   So we know for sure that no matter how hard we try, we won’t get what we want.
  • We’ve been deceived. They wouldn’t give us anything, but they pretended that we could get what we wanted if we fulfilled a requirement. Sometimes it sounds crazy, but I once heard my dad explain to the kid that “if you learn to ride a bike, we’ll buy you your own.
  • We have an experience that “candy” turns out to be “fantastic.” We wanted something, we asked for it, we finally got it… and it wasn’t as great as it was in our dreams. Childish desires are often not very reasonable.

That’s what we’ll be dealing with. And we’re gonna figure it out.

Oleg M. Vaynberg, Brisbane, Queensland.

NLP-master, professional business coach, MBA and tutor MBA program OBS OU and RANEPA. For many years, I worked on the board of directors of a federal company and taught an MBA course at OBS OU. The author of three books and dozens of articles on organizational psychology.

The workshop is in Russian.

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