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Support group for those who find themselves in another country

This project is unique because we walked every step of the way when we took one-way tickets and flew to Australia in 2017. We were 54 then. Now we’re 59.

It is unique not because we are okay; we are not the only ones. Yes, we’re fine; we live 100 meters from the ocean, and the weather in Brisbane is always warm and lovely. I got a permanent contract at work, even before my citizenship. Every morning when I leave home, I feel absolutely happy. Our psychological education helped us go through all the stages of adapting to a new country, new relationships between people, a new language and new customs without excessive stress. We know where the obstacles are because we went through all the stages. We know how to pass them well by using our coach’s knowledge and skills.
That’s what makes our project unique.

We are starting our support group for those who, for one reason or another, find themselves in another country on October 7, 2022, at 19:00 Brisbane (noon Moscow time, 9:00 UTC ).

Oleg M. Vaynberg.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia. ICA Coach, M. A. NLP, author of three books. Author of the program “System solutions in business,” сo-author of the famous training “Hero’s Journey Beyond the Golden Fleece”, and author of the cycle of transformation workshops “My Money”.

Inna Vainberg

Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Coach.

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