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My money. Online workshop "Trauma of devaluation".

Undoubtedly, devaluation is one of the protective mechanisms of our psyche when we deny or diminish the importance of what is very important to us. And it seems that in the case of devaluation, the devaluation of others is always accompanied by a devaluation of oneself. The same devaluation of others always accompanies the devaluation of oneself. Literally, everything can be devalued. It can be people, emotions, achievements, qualities,… anything. Devaluation is a protective mechanism, but defending ourselves from experience, we are deprived of opportunities in the present. In fact, it is a reaction to some aggression, some trauma. As it always happens in case of injury, there is a splitting. And a small piece of us closes itself and sticks our feelings into a small capsule so that they do not disturb us. And at the same time, it takes something fundamental. We stop being whole and start devaluing ourselves and others. This workshop will not have a significant theoretical part. I do not have a goal to teach you how to work with devaluing. My goal is to support you on your way to yourself, to help you overcome this barrier and stop devaluing yourself. And stop devaluing others and what you get from them.

Oleg M. Vaynberg, Brisbane, Queensland.

NLP-master, professional business coach, MBA and tutor MBA program OBS OU and RANEPA. For many years, I worked on the board of directors of a federal company and taught an MBA course at OBS OU. The author of three books and dozens of articles on organizational psychology.

It is conducted in Russian


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