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23 of May, Moscow. "Aikido in communications and conflicts.

We all live in organisational systems, in projects, and permanent communications, conflict and competitive situations. We were taught to achieve our goals. Stand up and fight! Computer quests taught us that: “there is nothing impossible, it is only necessary to try”. But in real life, some walls can be overcome only at the cost of their burnout. How do you know when there is a solid wall in front of you? How not to exchange for stupid battles, but to go to your goal? How to concentrate on the main thing? What do you want for yourself? What do those who crossed your paths wish to and what kind of great values does each of you protect? How do you join the desire of these people and help them achieve their goals so that you get what you need so that it is not a compromise when everyone gets only half. How to build a win-win strategy.

This will be the topic of our meeting at RANEPA

Oleg Vaynberg

Oleg Vaynberg

NLP master and coach, former tutor of OBS OU and RANEPA

Aikido in communications and conflicts

23 of May 2019, RANEPA, Moscow

The coordinator is Elmira Novitchenko, phone: +7 (499)270-29-12,

email: coordinator1@itmane.ru

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