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Business and I

It is a seminar for business owners who are at a point of change. Who want to grow or change their business or just survive.  What do successful managers sell to business owners? Successful change. Owners implement CRM, organise strategic sessions, pay for team coaching… And, as Mikhail Zhvanetskyy said: ” When you turn it on, it doesn’t work”. Probably, there is something in the organisation’s living organism that does not allow inoculating all the tricky things that the training courses, motivation sessions and MBA courses are overflowing with. In this short workshop, you will learn a different approach to systems work with organisations, with the systems constellations used at IBM, Siemens, Lufthansa and McKinsey.

Over the day, you’ll be able to take a fresh look at current processes and see new patterns.

The program of the seminar:

  1. The leading principle of organisation. What an organisation is actually created for significantly determines its fate. You will be able to understand this vital part of your organisation.
  2. The mission of the organisation. Is it as important as the MBA courses that we are taught, what it should contain to work with and how to determine in advance whether it helps us to achieve our goals?
  3. The product that the organisation provides to consumers. As in advance, without expensive research, it is clear what will be in demand and what no one needs.
  4. The inner structure and hierarchy of the organisation. What happens when the formal structure and the informal hierarchy interact and how to see the problem before it appears.
  5. Relationship with the consumer. Which divisions see the client and which do not. And how to make the whole organisation work for the client.
  6. How to ensure in advance whether the employee will be able to cope with the assigned functionality, will join the team and add a constructive to the organisational life or become a point of tension.
  7. Making a difference. How to make change without destroying the organisation and how to stay alive in the process.
  8. Trauma in the organisation. What to do if the organisation is traumatised by severe events in the past?

Expected results

  1. Significant improvement in the quality of management decisions
  2. Gaining the skill of modelling complex events
  3. Significant increase in the probability of successful organisational change
  4. Working out personal blocks in relations with money

Oleg M. Vaynberg, Brisbane, Queensland.

NLP-master, professional business coach, MBA and tutor MBA program OBS OU. For many years, I worked on the board of directors of a federal company and taught an MBA course at OBS OU. The author of three books and dozens of articles on organizational psychology.

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