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Where is my money? Part 8 - The name is not paid for

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One of the beliefs that helps make a lot of money, but really prevent to have money without efforts – “The name does not pay for “, “Old merits are worthless”, “A lot of learning will not help.” “Knowledge, training and experience do not have the value”. We can’t bill others only for the fact that we know something, of course, until it’s blackmail. Everyone knows the story about: “For a blow – 1 dollar, and 999 for knowing where to hit”, but this does not help. Because of belief:  “My experience is always not enough. No matter how great experience I have, no matter how good results are received in the past – this is always not enough. I’m always under professional. If something happened, it was accidental “. The imposter’s syndrome is a special term for it. The last book on this subject, which I got caught, was called just: “The impostor syndrome”. It not only described the cider impostor, applied exclusively to women, but it helped me a lot in understanding this whole phenomenon. It had come from our primary and high school. Our teachers had explained to us that “I taught” does not work. Recently on TED, I caught a wonderful movie. The magic power of YET.

It talked about a very simple system of assessments. It has only two marks. “Satisfied” and “Not yet satisfied”.

“Yet” magically changes the relationship and dramatically increase the motivation and, as a result, academic achievement. Because our unconscious does notice NOT, and in general, because “not YET”, it is obvious to everyone, that everything is achievable and it is only a matter of time and effort. It is a pity that I studied at another school.

It is interesting that after working through a similar belief during out “Golden Fleece Hero’s Journey”, one of my friends began to receive most of their money just for their expertise without special efforts. After a series of exercises, literally in the first few hours of our workshop, he suddenly realised that all his life he “earned” money. Because “a good person is not a profession” and “money does not pay for the beautiful eyes”. Suddenly, entirely unexpectedly, it occurred to him that there are people who receive money just for the fact of their existence. This insight led to the fact that he doubled his income. Now organisations pay him only for the fact that they can, if necessary, apply to him for advice.

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