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Where is my money? Part 7 - The belief of hopelessness

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The belief expressed by one of the participants of either the thirteenth or the fourteenth the Golden Fleece Hero’s Journey was:

“Everything has to be paid for, so” no activity can be profitable. “If it brings money, it means it takes away my strength, time, soul, etc. So at best this is a game with zero results or even worth”.

In general, the law of averages says that after the fun became trouble. If suddenly there is a feeling that something good has gone for free – that means you did not notice something or the payoff has not yet come. It is the belief of hopelessness. It can appear in very different ways. For example, when I was a child, when I was making too much trouble, I was often told by my father:  “who laughs a lot will be crying.” Since I apparently did not want to cry, I had a conviction that it’s better to be strong and not to rejoice. An important question is whether it is a personal conviction or a systemic belief. If this is a personal conviction, one can expand it effectively; it finds out at least one different example from one’s own or any person real life. Then it will stop to be so intrinsically unattainable.

But most often this belief merely is supplemented by the word “I have” and turns into the belief of helplessness.

Actually, in a crystallised form it can sound like “Everything must be paid for.” It is a common conviction. Very often it comes from the depth of centuries, from grandfathers and great-grandfathers, which paid a high price for something. For example, for the continuation of the family name, so we were born. What can help in working with such a belief?

First of all, it is good to see this. The truth heals. It is important to realise and recognise that our ancestors, undoubtedly, went through challenging trials, as a result of which we were born, but it was their own choice, their decisions, and their consequences. We are not responsible for this, we did not take part in this choice, and we entirely do not owe it to them. We have not even to be successful and happy, because they “put their life for the happiness of descendants.” We may well be as we are, remaining members of the system. Even if I break everything to hell, I will still stay a son, grandson, great-grandson, …

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