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Where is my money? Part 3 - Another prinsiples

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There are no “bad” and “good” beliefs. This is not a figure of speech, I really think so. If any belief is to “bad” that its host cannot survive and leave more offspring, this host simply dies and “bad belief” is not transmitted further. We can say that life is the evolution of beliefs. If any belief exists, it means that it helped to survive to its host. The only question is what is happening now. Whether it helps further growth, development, acquiring wealth, family and friends, on the opposite, limits. Therefore, we use the term “limiting beliefs”. Moreover, you can absolutely confidently call all the beliefs restrictive. If they become dogma and begin to guide us, sooner or later we will end up in a context in which they will not allow us to make the right choice. Coaches are specially taught and long trained to look at their own beliefs as something very relative. I really like the Groucho Marx sayings: Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.

 There are three large group of restriction beliefs:

  • Hopelessness – or “there are no miracles.” In this case, a person does not believe in the possibility of achieving anything in principle. He does not even have the hope of getting what he wants.
  • Helplessness – or  “аs the tree so the fruit” In this case, a person believes in the theoretical possibility of something, but not for himself. He does not feel the strength to get what he wants.
  • Unworthy – or  “honey is not for the ass’s mouths.” In this case, a person does not believe in what has the right to something, considering himself unworthy. He does not feel right to have what he wants.

I regularly face the most bizarre beliefs. Sometimes they very well fall into this classification, but often represent an odd mixture, where each piece supports the neighbouring one. Beliefs generally live in groups, so they are strong. But if you divide them and ask yourself the right questions “Is it always true?”, “Is it true for all?”, “Is it true everywhere?” – it is possible to divide them and … and weaken them.

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