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Where is my money? Part 5 - Other variants

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“It is bad to do something for the sake of profit. Patents, copyrights, copyrights, trademarks are all artificial barriers that prevent people and that are put solely for the sake of profit.”

I wonder where did the idea of “profit is bad”? Despite the fact that a huge number of businessmen and investors are busy with what “makes money”, that is, literally, engaged in this very profit? Why does something ” with the idea” is good? And to do the very same thing “for the money” – bad? There is something in this from the opposition of soul and body, worldly and spiritual. Cool belief, employer’s dream. What kind of money are we talking about when I gave you such an exciting job? And anyway, we’re on the same team and make common cause.

A good question in working with such conviction may be an unexpected question, whose eyes we look at ourselves when we say “bad” or “good”. Are there mom’s eyes or dad’s ones? Why were the most important people in our lives assessing the situation like this? How did that help them survive? Is it their conviction, or did we inherit it as well? Who taught them that? What for? How did that help our family survive?

And finally, is it STILL TRUE? Do not change something around us? Maybe now not for 1917 and 1937 and 1957… and 2018? Perhaps it is already possible to play a game of “making more money”?

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