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St-Petersburg, July 2019. Hero's Journey to the mission and money

Transformation means “changing”. Our deep beliefs determine our life. If we understand it and can consciously work with our beliefs, we can change our reality. It works, and about fifteen workshops “The Hero’s Journey for the Golden Fleece” confirm this.

But every time we heard from our participants: “But it’s not about money, it’s not just about money.” And this is how “The Hero’s Journey to their Mission and Money” was developed.

After many, many constellation sessions and multi-day constellation workshops designed to transform relationships with money, we realised how many people are torn between mission and money. Someone chooses money and works on to earn for living, family and children. But kids grow up and leave, and you can’t take your wealth to the grave.

Someone chooses a mission and hopes that the rest will happen by itself. There is an idea that if you do what your mission is, the rest will come by itself. But is it always right? And why then did so many great artists die in obscurity and poverty? There is also a hypothesis that everything has a price and you should pay for everything. But who are we paying for? And what did Picasso pay, for example?

Is there a way to get everything? Is it always compatible? What is mission and money for you personally? You will find your answers to these questions during this three-day training which was held successfully in Russia, Ukraine and Australia.

The training is conducted in Russian


Oleg Vaynberg

Oleg Vaynberg

Oleg Vaynberg, Brisbane, Australia. A coach and trainer in systemic constellations of the Bert Hellinger Institute (Netherlands), MBA. Author of the program “System solutions in business” and co-author of the famous training “Hero’s Journey for the Golden Fleece”

Irina Rosenberg, St. Petersburg, Russia. Psychologist-consultant leading training groups and groups of personal growth. Author and developer of correctional and educational programs and the famous training “Energy of Money”

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