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The Hero's Journey for the Golden Fleece

I’ve always had a weird relationship with money. On the one hand, if I needed something, money came. A job turned up or an old, the utterly hopeless debt was returned, or something else happened. On the other hand, I was embarrassed to be more prosperous than others. So, money easy came and easy went. That time I did not understand how it all works.

Why we have or doesn’t have money? Do external circumstances create it? If so, why at all the times in every country there are people with very different incomes? What follows from the fact that everyone wants only good for themselves? Do we do the best we can at every moment? How to choose a suitable path to your goal? Our workshop will help you to understand it and will teach you how to use this new comprehension.

These almost three days we will be near you. We are Irina Rozenberg, a professional psychologist and Oleg Vaynberg, professional life-coach. To transform your beliefs, you have to have enough curiosity to look at them. Our work will be to create a way and a safe space for you to observe your transformation. It will be the transformation of your beliefs, which prevent you from receiving money in your life and keeping them as much as you need, into beliefs that will help you in this. Your work will be to follow this path while looking with curiosity at beliefs which were given to you by your parents, friends and school teachers. You will put aside those beliefs which now, perhaps, limit you, and keep and add those which help.

You will feel new sensations and consolidate the experience of your new relationship with the world at the level of mind, soul, and body. We will be with you all the time.

In this training, we will go on the real Journey of the Hero. Travel after the energy of money. In all myths, over and over again, characters repeat the same simple story. They hear the call to go, vacillate between going and staying, then cross the threshold and go. Like Jason after the Golden Fleece, or Bilbo Baggins after the treasures of the Lonely Mountain. On the road, they encounter obstacles and find friends, and very often what seems like a barrier turns into a guardian or an opportunity. And, mind you, by the end of the road the hero never remains the same. They don’t always get the treasure they went after. But they never come back empty-handed and still find what they need most. We invite you on this journey.

This training is a transformation training about money.

You will understand:

  • What money means to you. What comes into your life together with it. What can go, and what you must not lose.
  • Why you are still on the threshold of this journey. What beliefs prevent you from doing the right thing. How much these beliefs are yours, and whether it is time to understand them, to let some of them go and add others that will move on.
  • What are the barriers on your way: your belief? Your loyalty to your parents, to your family, to the worldview you’ve painted yourself? Isn’t it time to break up with these links holding you in place?
  • If you can lean on the old ideas that once saved someone in your family but now do not let you move on.
  • What else will be your resource along the way?
  • What you will become when you reach the goal, what gifts you will get.

Then, from the end of the road, you will come back to yourself. And pass on all these gifts and all the experience gained over the days of the training to your current self, looking forward with curiosity and free to take the first step and go to the end — the path of the hero after their money.

The workshop is conducted in Russian

To participate, please switch the language of the site to Russian.

Oleg Vaynberg

Oleg Vaynberg

Oleg Vaynberg, Brisbane, Australia. A coach and trainer in systemic constellations of the Bert Hellinger Institute (Netherlands), MBA. Author of the program “System solutions in business” and co-author of the famous training ” Hero’s Journey for the Golden Fleece”

Irina Rosenberg

Irina Rosenberg, St. Petersburg, Russia. Psychologist-consultant, leading training groups and groups of personal growth. Author and developer of correctional and educational programs and the famous training ” Energy of Money»

Irina Rosenberg


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