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We are descendants of ancestors, who had survived

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Everyone knows that to have career grown, you need to work hard. True? Perhaps, however, the oldest gelding worked most on the state farm, but he did not become chairman.

To go up, you need to be noticed. If you would like to be noticed, you have to be able to talk more. Bring your point of view, speak at meetings. It is necessary to be seen- and this is easy for everyone. Too often in our past “to be visible” and “to be killed along with the whole family” was synonymous. But we are alive. We were born. We are the descendants of the survivors, those who managed to hide. Sometimes who bend. Sometimes who endure. But they survived and, in the end, give life to us. We do not know what happened. We do not know with whom this happened. But we know exactly one thing. Our ancestors coped. For us, they did everything right, because we managed to be born. Let’s give this confession to them and ourselves. And, perhaps, we will understand that we can no longer hide.

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